What fundamental design mistakes does Lalamove make?

iPhone 6s Plus
Lalamove is a Hong Kong startup and online logistics platform. Through its mobile apps, customers can use their phones directly to transport goods and passengers around the city.
I recently had a chance to meet their design team, so I took a look at their (client) mobile app before the interview. They have businesses in different countries/cities, but this blog post will focus on the Hong Kong version of the app.

Design mistakes

Tiny touch targets
The delivery types' touch targets are very tiny, and are very close to the vehicles' tabs above. It increases the chances of accidental taps as well as interaction costs.
  • Give enough space between delivery types and vehicles
  • Ensure the touch targets for the tabs of the delivery type are large enough
Lack of signifiers
There is no cancel or close button to exit when users open a popup in the Lalamove app most of the time. Users have to tap the dark area around the popup to return to the previous screen. Also, the options are presented as a plain list, which makes it quite hard to recognize that the items are selectable. The lack of signifiers may confuse users and harm the usability of the app.
  • Add a close button to popups
  • Add radio buttons or checkboxes next to available options
Bad UX writing
When users tap on additional services, a popup with options will be shown for users to select from the list of options. These popups all use the same title: Select Additional Services. The title is not clearly defined, as the items below are not closely related. This kind of poor UX writing can lead to user confusion.
  • Rewrite the popups' titles with clear and related titles, such as Select Toll and Select Cart.
Inconsistent design
In the Lalamove app, you can see popups with different font styles, such as the one shown above. Fortunately, this may not harm usability too much since the information is only text. However, this kind of unprofessional mistake creates an inconsistent experience for the users and can potentially hurt the brand.
  • Create a consistent design system and ensure all components follow the guidelines and standards
Confusing pattern
Users can change their password in Account Information only, but all the information on the page is in the same pattern. It made me think that they were all editable and I tried to tap them when first entering this page. I would not be surprised if users do the same because it is confusing.
  • Use different patterns for different purposes

Van hiring flow

Though I did not walk through the entire ordering journey of Lalamove, I did have experience using GoGoVan's van hiring service. GoGoVan is Lalamove's direct competitor in the market, offering almost the same type of service. And here's how their van hiring service works:
Apart from the text length issue, the left CTA button is not hard to understand. It allows me to schedule a pick-up time. While the right one is labeled Deliver Now, the wording is not accurate and does not make sense to me. It's another place where UX writing is problematic because it's not about the delivery time but the pick-up time. Choosing Deliver Now only means users will get picked up as soon as possible.
If users select Deliver Now (actual meaning: get picked up asap), they cannot change the pick-up time on the Place Order page. Also, I can't see any reason not to allow users to change their pick-up time on the Place Order page.

I recommend using one CTA button with a better label instead of two. The label can be Schedule Order or Schedule Pick-up. Users can then change the pickup time on the next page. I also think they should avoid using NOW, because it's not concrete enough, ASAP might be a better option.

Plus, there's no pick-up and drop-down information on the Place Order page. Users cannot review the locations they input before placing orders. To review or edit locations, they must return to the previous page. User interaction costs and potential mis-inputs may increase. It is more preferable to enable users to review the information before placing an order.
I think GoGoVan offers a better user experience when comparing Lalamove and GoGoVan. I think they put a lot of effort into their mobile app revamp because the latest version has a huge improvement. Lalamove should examine their competitors and work more on mobile app design to deliver satisfying user experiences. I hope the mistakes I mentioned can help improve the app.

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