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UI/UX design
Design system
UX audit
Website revamp
Low-code development


Product Design Manager, 2021 - 2023
5 Products
4 Platforms
80+ Solved issues

HR Management System Revamp

Revamped the attendance module, rostering feature, dashboard, and product onboarding experience with the team to enhance the HR management system's usability.

Restaurant POS System

Redesigned the interface of the POS, QR code self-ordering, and waiter app. Delivered a new analytical dashboard for restaurant owners to view statistics and compare data in real-time.

No-code Development Platform

Brought a fresh, new look to our in-house no-code product with new navigation, multiple database views, and workflow automation to enhance the product's usability.


Senior UI/UX Designer, 2020 - 2021
Live streaming
5 Products
2 Platforms
40+ Shipped features

Design system

Built and implemented a design system for AfterSchool to provide a consistent learning experience for users.

80+ Components
280+ Icons

Official Website Revamp

Revamped the entire website, including the homepage, course details page, etc., to increase the conversion rate and user acquisition rate.

User acquisition rate ↑540%
Conversion rate ↑248%

Check-out Flow

Redesigned the checkout flow to make it simpler and more focused. Provided relevant information, such as a "refund guarantee" and a "progress indicator", to reduce friction and build customers' trust.

Conversion rate ↑
Churn rate ↓

Student Learning Center

Revamped the student learning center for users to access their courses and class schedule easily. They can also submit their homework and keep track of their performance at any time.

Tutor Live Center

Enable tutors to manage their live classes and access their class schedule in a centralized place. They can start simple in-class quizzes and message with students in the chat room as well.


UI/UX Designer@Green Tomato, 2018 - 2019
Sorry. It's an NDA project.

Mobile BizExpress UI Kit

Worked closely with the UK design team to organize and update the UI kit for Mobile Business Express. The goal was to enhance design consistency and velocity.

25+ Components
280+ Icons

Business Express Mobile App

Collaborated with the product and development teams to update several interfaces with new components and deliver features such as FPS (Faster Payment System), credit card activation, and onboarding.

Credit Card Activation

Designed and delivered this new feature for the Business Express Mobile App's users to activate their new business credit card without having to call the credit card hotline.


Brought in a simple and straightforward onboarding flow to introduce the main features of the Business Express mobile app.

Hang Seng Bank

UI/UX Designer@Green Tomato, 2018 - 2019

Design system

Assisted the team in preparing documents and guidelines for the design system.

FX Order Watch/Rate Alert

Delivered a simple mobile experience for FX order watch and rate alerts. Users can make an FX order watch and rate alert with a few easy steps.

Official Website Revamp

Cooperated with the design, product, and development teams to revamp the website with the new branding and design system.

Personal E-banking

Assisted the team in revamping the interface for Hang Seng Bank Personal e-Banking, bringing a fresh, clean look and more intuitive experience to users.

What others say

"Marcus is a skilled designer with a goal-oriented approach."

This enables him to meet project requirements while also thinking creatively to solve complex problems.

Harry Wong Product Designer

"He proved to be an excellent leader and mentor."

Marcus provided me with insightful advice that inspired me to approach my work with a growth mindset and dedication to continuous learning and improvement.

Lucy Ng Product Designer

"Marcus is inclusive and patient, guiding team members to think through and solve problems."

He is receptive to feedback and open to change, making it a pleasure to work alongside him.

Clare Lau Product Designer

"He is a true professional in this field."

Marcus was committed to developing his subordinates through excellent training and guidance. He also provided constructive criticism and was willing to listen to feedback.

Kristy Kwok Product Designer

"Not only his professional skills but also his logical and critical thinking impressed me."

Marcus always focuses on details and considers users' actual use cases. He knows what the market and the company need.

Gabriella Yao Product Manager

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